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If you are looking for quality cars at reasonable prices, then you have come to the right place. We have on board 250,000+ auction cars from over 120 leading auction houses of USA. With us, you can save thousands of dollars on the entire purchasing process as our strong network with auction and freight companies allows us to offer services at very competitive prices to our customers. No matter what your requirement is, you will find with us all types and varieties ready to be bid and then shipped at your port! Our value-added services such as phone bidding, car inspection, repairing, cargo insurance and quick home delivery, makes us very popular amongst individuals and dealers wishing for a smooth and swift purchase of cars.

How to purchase your car in 5 simple steps?

Now that you have opted to buy your car from an auction, you just have to follow a few simple steps to get the car you want.

1. Provide basic information that includes your name, phone no, email address and some other information.

2. Choose the options between an individual buyer or a car dealer as we need to know if you are buying the car for yourself or for a client.

3. Provide us all the details regarding the car you require including manufacturing date, type, model, year, etc.

Once we receive the information, our agent will get in touch with you and collect detailed information regarding your car. This way, our representative will be able to find the most suitable car for you.