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Important Information About Importing Cars in Your Country

Import Regulations

  • Importation of left-hand drive vehicles is allowed in the country

Documents Required

  • Original Certificate of Title and Registration
  • Original Commercial/Purchase Invoice
  • Rated OBL
  • Drivers License
  • Non Sale Certificate - attesting that vehicle is for personal use and will not be sold, dated and signed by client.

Note - Documents should be received by the agent one month before shipment's arrival in the country.

Vehicle Inspection Test

  • Vehicles imported from outside EU need to be inspected before they gets registered.


Temporary Importation:- Returning citizens or foreigners with valid licese plates may obtain a Temporary Entry Permit under the following conditions:

  • Customs declaration
  • Presentation by the importer of record identification and other documents for customs clearance
  • Presentation of the warrant to remove ( BAE )
  • Signature of secure certificate clearance

Duties and Taxes:-

  • Taxes will depend and vary on the basis of age, power etc. of the vehicle:

Engine capacity less than 2000cc - 58% CIF
Engine capacity more than 2000cc - 77% CIF

Toyota Hiace 2004

I wanted an American car, so I was searching for an American dealer who would guide me in choosing good cars. Fortunately I found AAT, and they helped me get the car fulfilling all my requirements. All I want to say is thank you.