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Important Information About Importing Cars in Your Country

Import Regulations

There is no limit on age of vehicles imported to Norway.

Documents Required

  • Original Bill Of Lading (BOL)
  • Norwegian Customs paperwork
  • Original Passport
  • Vehicle Registration and Title
  • Bill Of Sale or Proof of Purchase
  • Vehicle insurance information
  • Residence proof outside EU of at least a year before moving to Norway.
  • Tax receipt
  • Information regarding person's residence in Norway.

Vehicle Inspection Test

Used vehicles imported in Norway should pass an inspection and must be approved by Norwegian authorities before they can be registered. The test can be done at any of the Local Traffic Services Offices. Once the vehicle pass the required test, then necessary taxes should be paid at the Customs and Excise Office. Unless the vehicle gets approved from the authorities, taxes can't be paid.


Customs regulations/Duty Taxes for importation of vehicles:

Customs Clearance:

After the vehicle enters Norway and all paperwork is done, the vehicle should be taken to the Customs and Excise Office to get the temporary number plates. There the importer has to pay the VAT that is 25%, Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) and Perfluorocarbon (PFC) taxes. Taxes are to be paid within 3 days of vehicle arrival. Following documents are required to be produce at the time of payment :

  • Transit Document paperwork
  • Original foreign registration documents
  • Insurance proof
  • Commercial Invoice showing vehicle charges, transportation fees

Duty free importation:

Following conditions must be satisfied in order to import the vehicle duty free.

Foreign customer moving to Norway on a two year visa and auto is re-exported at the end of the two years. The vehicle will be re-exported at the end of this period.

The vehicle is owned by the customer and has been registered in owner's name for at least one year with a minimum of 5000km/3200 miles prior to importation.

Returning residents must have resided outside Norway for a period of at least five continuous years. Customer has had possession of a driver's license for a minimum of one year.

The vehicle imported must be used and should show sign of wear. Vehicle will not be allowed to sold or dispose off within two years after its arrival in Norway.

Vehicles arriving in Norway must comply with safety and regulation standards. Within three months of owner's arrival in Norway, the vehicle should also get imported.


Once the vehicle gets approval from the Customs and all taxes are paid, then the vehicle should get registered. Customs will endorse the registration card and then the importer can register the vehicle at one of the Public Roads Administration's Traffic Services Offices.

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