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This new era is of globalization and competition. Every individual, every organization and every business is quite busy in walking ahead of each other. Individuals and businesses wants to fulfil their demands immediately to be up to date. We help our customers to walk through the process of buying their ‘Dream Car’. We have thousands of satisfied Customers in Yemen. They have strong faith in our services.

Top cars
sold in Yemen
by AAT

  • Lexus Lx
  • Audi Q4
  • Maserati Ghibli
  • GMC Yukon
  • Renault Talisman

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How to purchase your car in 5 simple steps?

Now that you have opted to buy your car from an auction, you just have to follow a few simple steps to get the car you want.

1. Basic information that includes your name, phone no, email address and some other information.

2. We need to know if you are buying the car for yourself or for a client. For this, you need to identify yourself as an individual buyer or a car dealer.

3. Provide us all the details regarding the car you require including make type, model, year etc.

Once we receive the information, our agent will get in touch with you and collect detailed information regarding your required car. This way, our representative will be able to find the most suitable car for you.

Important Information About Importing Cars in Yemen

Import Regulations

  • Only left-hand drive cars are allowed in the country.
  • The vehicle older than four years is not allowed to be imported in Yemen.
  • Diplomats and persons guaranteed by a Yemen Ministry may import vehicles duty free; otherwise, Customs duties must be paid.
  • Letter of Guarantees are not accepted for vehicle imports.
  • Vehicles with “trip tickets” are allowed to enter only on tourist basis and for not more than 3 months. An extension may be applied for an additional 3 months.
  • For the current duty and tax rates on used vehicles, please contact your custom broker or the Ministry of Trade

Documents Required

  • OBL / AWB

Vehicle Inspection Test

  • No inspection is required for importing a used vehicle in Yemen.


Talal Hamid

Nissan Versa 2013

I bought my Nissan Versa from American Auto Trading. I was very surprised by their smooth and flawless purchasing process. The car was delivered to me on time, and in a very good condition.

American Auto Trading Provides you high quality American Vehicles Directly to the
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