Cars for Sale by Manufacturer

Is American Auto Trading a reliable company to buy vehicles from?

American Auto Trading has been dealing in used vehicles since 2002. Our 15 years of service is the guarantee of our reliability.

How can I buy a car from American Auto Trading?

Registration (Sign Up) is required which is absolutely free. After which you can buy your desired vehicle.

Do you have any criteria to become a registered member of American Auto Trading?

Anyone who in interested in Importing left-hand drive vehicles can register him/herself as a valuable member and purchase any vehicle.

Do I have to sign up on the website to buy a car?

Yes. By signing up, you provide us the delivery details and address. It is necessary so that we can verify the details and send you the vehicle.

Who should I talk to about my questions?

You can call us on our toll free number or drop us an email at any time of any day. Our staff will resolve your queries as soon as possible.

What payment methods are accepted by American Auto Trading?

For now we only accept payments by Telegraphic Transfer to our assigned bank account.

Can I purchase commercial vehicles from American Auto Trading?  

Yes you can. From Motorcycle to Heavy machinery, we provide all types of automobiles.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. There are no hidden costs included in the price of the vehicle. You only have to pay the CNF amount mentioned on the website.

Can I buy any car directly from auction?

Yes, you can buy a car directly from auction. We provide our customers access to the major auction houses. Once you select a vehicle our qualified staff will inspect the car and buy accordingly.

What does “FOB” mean?

FOB means “free on board” or Freight on Board. It’s the price of vehicle without shipping charges or inspection fees.

What does “CNF” mean?

CNF means “Cost and Freight” which is the price of your vehicle including shipping fees.

Do you inspect the cars before shipping?

Yes, our qualified yard staff thoroughly inspects the car before we ship and ensure everything is in order.

Do you inform your customers regarding shipment progress?

Yes we update our customers diligently about the progress of shipment and dispatching of documents.

How soon does the shipment process start?

We begin the process of shipment as soon as we receive your initial deposit for your vehicle.

How long does is to take to deliver the car?

We cannot commit an accurate time of shipment as it depends on shipping schedule and availability of space. On an average, it takes 4 to 6 weeks.

How can American Auto Trading ensure the quality of my vehicle?

American Auto Trading thoroughly inspects every vehicle to ensure highest quality possible, and provides only the most recent pictures of the vehicles to our customers for their satisfaction. Furthermore, our agents guide you in detail about your vehicle’s condition before and after you buy them.

Is there any way to know an average bidding price for a vehicle I want to buy from auction?

Yes, our qualified sales staff will update and guide you about the average price of your desired vehicle.

Do your Buying team inspect the cars before bidding?

Yes we examine the car completely and once satisfied, we bid on your selected vehicles.

Do I have to be a car dealer to import a vehicle?

No. You don’t have to be a car dealer to import vehicles from American Auto Trading to your country.