Seamless Entry
Of Imported Automobile

Trouble Free Customs Clearance

American Auto Trading offers swift, efficient and cost effective customs clearance procedure for any vehicle that you wish to import. We specialize in handling all aspects of road and sea freight shipments while satisfying government regulations and requirements. In order to enter the vehicle in your country without any delay or issue the following documents are needed to ensure a seamless custom clearance process. These documents usually serve to get customs clearance for your vehicle without any problem.

  • Bill of Sale
  • Original Title Certificate
  • Shipper's Export Declaration
  • Declaration of Dangerous Goods
  • Passport
  • Direct Representation Form (Note: only necessary when you’re working through an importer. This gives them permission to handle on your behalf)
  • VAT-number (Note: only needed when clearing the vehicle in your company’s name)
  • Customs Exemption for import duties & VAT (Note: only possible when you are moving to Europe and are relocating your vehicle as a part of your household goods)

What Makes American Auto Trading Better Than The Rest?