Simple, Convenient
& a Real Time Saver

Speeding Up Shipment Via Auto Freight Services

American Auto Trading helps a smooth and seamless delivery of your vehicles across the globe. Our documentation services simplifies the buying process as we manage all your export documents on your behalf. With the help of American Auto Trading’s expert assistants your vehicle export frees you from every hassle. Rates are determined as per the distance, route, size, value and the condition of the vehicle.

What our Auto Freight services offer?

  • High quality transportation services to clients worldwide
  • Fortifying customer relation through stringent quality control process
  • Shipment safety is our top priority
  • Periodic updates on your shipment and new shipping regulations notifications
  • Customs compliance
  • Fast and cost-effective services through our global network of reliable freight carriers
  • Highest industry standards reached

Our Freight Services Include

Local Shipping

  • Road Transport (by car carrier or car trailer – off- wheels) – vehicles in running condition
  • Road Transport (by trailer – off wheels) – non-runners, damaged or salvage vehicles
  • Road Transport (on-wheels, driven by expert and Licensed drivers) – mostly to/from depots

International Shipping

  • Sea Transport (in shipping containers) – for vehicles
  • Vehicle Transport Services - Auto freight will transport and deliver your vehicle, from any source to any destination, cross-border or overseas. Vehicle accessories and parts (in big quantities) inclusive.