Seamless & Fast
Delivery of Vehicles

Hassle Free Connection Through Our Ground Transportation Service

As a part of international car export service, American Auto Trading provides customers inland or ground transportation from USA.

Vehicle transportation process begins as soon as the vehicle leaves the warehouse or port after the freight payment is made. Our representative verifies the ownership of the vehicle. Once the vehicle is verified, it is ready for pick up and will be dispatched to the location. The vehicles are delivered through flat-bed or tow truck which are driven by qualified and licensed drivers.

Reliable and fast trucking services offered by our experts who are professional enough to solve the complex transportation challenges. Our long haul and local ground transportation services include flat-beds, FTL and LTL freight.

American Auto Trading provides full, shipment-level visibility throughout the entire supply chain. Our service make sure that you know are aware of the whereabouts of your shipments once they leave the point of are every step from origin to destination.

Our Services Include

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