If you’re planning to buy a car and you need it early, buying from the stock of American Auto Trading is the best option. Our cars are bought after a detailed inspection by our experts, ensuring the quality and usefulness of these vehicles. We take pride in providing cars following a hassle free process, ensuring you get your dream car quick as possible.

Purchase High Quality Used Cars!


American Auto Trading gives you an option of selecting a car from a wide range of stock. We believe that we can provide you high quality cars at extremely competitive prices.

you have two options, when selecting a car:

1. You can easily browse through the stock listed on our website by using our smart search option that will help you refine your search and get you directly to the car you are interested in buying.

2. Or, as an alternative, you can request a call-back from one of our representatives and ask for assistance. Our representative will call you and will take all your specifications, arrange a complete list of available cars that meet your specifications and provide it to you so that you can select the most appropriate option. The representative will also explain about each car to further help you with your decision.

Pay For Your Car

Once you have selected the car, the very next step is to make the payment.

To process the order, 50% payment is requirement. The remaining 50% will be due when the car reaches the shipping terminal and is ready to be shipped.

This way, you don’t have to make all the payment at once and pay easily in two installments.

Choose From Our Stock of Hand-Picked Cars